About ThinkSpace Experiences

If you’re like us, you fell into the monotony of day to day living at some point in your career. I bet your social life begins with a chat at the water cooler or sitting in traffic each morning. Going out on a Friday night means attending an industry seminar to trade meaningless business cards. Perhaps you shop for books about successful people. Don’t you wish you can get a chance to meet them in person? We believe entrepreneurship begins where your comfort zone ends.

We broke out of the tradition of monotony. We’re a group of people just like you: Young entrepreneurs and business leaders who refuse to live our lives through social media or the petty pricetag mentality of society. We’re the inspired ones! We’re the ones swimming in the depths of the Blyde River Canyon, shark diving off the Cape coast and riding elephant back in the Pilanes Game Reserve. We do this all in the name of the most addictive feeling in the world: FREEDOM! Being a business leader means we’re free to make choices, to inspire those around us and we’re free to grow our personal and professional development.

If you relate to this philosophy, your mission is simple: JOIN US


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