Pain is temporary. Pride is forever!



I don’t want to be one of those people who had something special and gave up. What’s worse is to make excuses for failure. All that gives is pride which doesn’t go away very easy.  Like the picture says, being challenged is inevitable. We all go through hard times. Some go through more than others. But it’s how to overcome the issue that matters most. Operative word is OVERCOME! Defeat isn’t an option. Failure will happen but giving up mustn’t.

We need to always positively portray ourselves. Not just to other people but to ourselves. For sanity sake! The only person who can beat you is YOU! So when you have that bright business idea. Don’t stop pushing for it. It may sound stupid now, but your courage to see it through, your willingness to support it will gain the respect it deserves. And people will support your business idea. Be the legend you’re supposed to be.

“How do you fail when your startup is anchored by 4 of the most attractive forces in the world: Fun, Money, Status and Beauty? You don’t.” – Tino Bakare (CEO, @StarfaceNetwork)


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