The True Adventure of Life… is starting a business!


Sitting in a business master class, looking out the clean window out into the world beyond it. The speaker tries not to read the notes he wrote down. He throws in a joke or two to calm us all down. The reality is that he’s nervous and he’s trying to calm himself down.

A life like this is daunting. Who ever makes it to success by sitting in an air conditioned room with 500 other likeminded individuals? Who? All the successful people I’ve had the opportunity to meet only attended these events after they were a success and if they were invited to speak. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to learn from these people. But how often do you remember all that they said? How many of us get the chance to speak to this person and talk about our personal experiences and get practical advice?

That’s why we at ThinkSpace Experiences are ALL ABOUT getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing life. That’s how you KNOW you have no fear, that’s how you develop your desire to succeed and that’s how you won’t give up. You’re not trapped in your little world. You’ll meet people who have succeeded. You’ll meet people who’ve failed. You’ll discover the world and even make business contacts. It’s synergy that you won’t get sitting in the middle of a seminar, letting your glutes go numb.

So if you’re in Southern Africa, more specifically South Africa, send us an email: and find out all about our last trip for the year! It’ll be epic. We’ll be going out with a bang!! What’s more, you’ll meet a man who’s one of a kind. He’s travelled the world and met the greats in business. Sat with billionaires and asked them the hard questions! We’re jam packing it all in this last trip for the year! Don’t forget to email us!


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