Have you ever wanted to take a holiday like a CEO?


I’ve had those days too. I think alot of people have! You’re done with varsity and you’ve got the degree in your hand. The sad reality is that you’ve donated four years of your life to join the workforce. But you want to live a little and see the world but the voices (your parents, your bank balance) tell you to join the corporate lifestyle you signed up for.

So who do you listen to? And what do you do?

From the time you leave high school and move to varsity, very few people actually ever think about what their passion is and what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Most people pick a career because it get land them a decent job when their out of varsity. But how many people pick a career because it’s what makes them happy. The voices tell you you won’t make money from it, the voices tell you to put it on the back burner while you work in a job that’ll pay the bills. What if you created your own dream lifestyle, a business focused completely on what you love and are good at?  You know one where YOU make the rules. For most, the fear of failing and falling behind the corporate ladder race is too much, so they head for the nearest job interview.  This is the WRONG fear to pay attention to.

What you should be scared of is global financial crisis, stock market crashes, and corporate retrenchments. You’d be out of a job so fast! So what do you do??  You’ve got an exciting opportunity… You can create a business AND lifestyle you love.

Start a business. Even a small one which takes care of your financial and emotional happiness. Not only will the journey be amazing fun, but it’ll teach you the skills and mindset needed to create your own dream lifestyle and be successful with it. And if you’re African like me, you’re living in a continent full of opportunity and amazing travel locations! So take the bold step, take a little holiday and plan your StartUp Business. Enjoy!



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