Starting Up…

Starting a business isn’t easy. Especially when you’ve responsibilities and fears! The idea of working on your own, controlling your time, not having to answer to anyone and most certainly… getting paid is a dream for most people. But being in business, becoming successful and maintaining that success is the challenge that most people can’t handle. That’s why those who truly make it deserve the success they have.


Take a moment right where you are to imagine you’re in the middle of the ocean. There’s no help in sight.. the boat that got you this far is your job, your family… is sinking. All you have is YOU. Your arms are heavy, knees weak and out of breath. The reality is you’re the only one who can help yourself. Your savings… gone. Your friends can’t give you a loan. The bank has told you no a few times. You’re running out of options. Your CV has been out on the market and you’re on your last straw. The ocean seems to be bigger than you imagined. Soon your head begins to overflow with water. Water dives into your mouth and lungs. You have two options. Give in and give up. Or force your survival. Refuse to let circumstances and failure dictate your future. You paddle with weak arms. Gasp for air at every chance you get. You’re determined to live. Determined to succeed…

Until you desire success in your business this much… the way your body craves for air… you won’t make it in business. You need to want to succeed in business despite what life and circumstances come at you. One day it will all be worth it. On the plus side, you’ll continue to succeed because you know where you’ve come from…. the middle of the ocean.


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