#ManOfTheHour: Warren Buffet #Lesson2

Lesson 2: Be Humble….

Humility is the quality of being modest or respectful. Do you have people in your life who’re like this? If there’s anyone who can claim to be humble, it’s Warren Buffett. Despite being one of the richest people in the world, he lives a pretty humble lifestyle, living in the same home he  bought 50 years ago, driving his own car, and most recently, giving away most of his wealth for philanthropic purposes.

Did you know there’s a second kind of humility? According to Buffett, it’s “knowing the edges of your own competency”. You don’t know everything. That’s a fact. Don’t toot your own horn and say you can do things when it’s quite clear you can’t. It’ll just lead people on and make you untrustworthy. Understand yourself and the things around you. Know your limits. Continue to learn and don’t brush off advice. Buffett’s successful career in investing is partly a result of this humility. He never invests in a business that he does not understand.

What Now: I’d suggest you follow Benjamin Franklin‘s example when he used to develop the thirteen virtues within him. Everyday, think about how you could have been more humble. Did you disrespect the waiter at the restaurant? Did you ignore the old lady who sat next to you on the bus? Did you not say thank you when someone gave you a document you asked for? Make an effort not to repeat the same mistakes again. Only such self-reflection can you develop your humility because when success comes… you’re colours will come out. Don’t you want to be 82 like Buffet and known to be humble with your success? Yup… that’s what I’m talking about!


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